WTS Keepstar and Ragnarok in lowsec

Also got one packaged Keepstar - 200bn or some ■■■■, let me know
WTS Ragnarok


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corona - open to trades/offers


bump also selling Keepstar

to da top

hold gme

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to the moon

and mails responded

Would you be intrested in swapping the keepstar for some super capital BPOs ?

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sure which ones

Avatar , nyx , wyvern

I think I’d rather the ISK my good man


No probs :slight_smile:

Good luck with the sale , however if you do come across anyone looking to buy those bpos for a great cheap price , hit me up ingame

Im ok with that free advertising for you :slight_smile:
If you get the isk from them freeloads free to put in an offer

buy my stuff

Keepstar for 180bn special price only on now until whenever

160 offer for the keep

sorry 180 is the best you’re gonna get

bump a

please buy this stuff, this game is so bad I just wanna waste my isk on something useless like a full officer zirnatria

firesell me ur moracha