WTS Keepstar and Ragnarok in lowsec

Considering people are claiming they’ve sold them for 1 tril plus, 740 bn is a firesale.

sadly im poor

buy nice things

buy this



buy this stuff today and join an elite group of ship owners that let you post rubbish on everyones posts

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Rubbish you say ? Intrigueing … ^^

to da top

and you’re allowed @Phoenix_Pryde

marauder prices?

bump to da top marauders gone


Moracha Sold.

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Chameleon pending

Chameleon sold

WTT a ragnarok (i have the rag) for an armor titan - lmk

keepstar still available

top bn

bump added rag

bump to the top

Is the Keepstar still for sale? If so, How much!