WTS Ragnarok & Wyvern + officer Modules

Ragnarok Hull in Amamake Keepstar - 105b

Wyvern in Misaba - 32b

3X Cormacks Multispectrum Coating 3.5b Each

1X Chelm’s Multispectrum Coating
Keepstar in Jita 4-4
Loggerhead in Irmalin
Hel in Oijanen - 25b
Hel in Hophib - Evepraisal - Appraisal 13znla: 5.41 Billion Buy / 6.5 Billion Sell
Ragnarok in Amamake keepstar - 2X CDFE II 1X EM resist II rigs

Contract the Oijanen Hel to me please.

@Shaktar Returning the favour

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Please contract one Chelm’s Multispectrum Coating 3.5b to me plz

Thank you!!! <3

Contracts are up, + mails replied to

Thank you just accepted it!

Daily bump some prices adjusted.

Daily bump

Messaged in-game

mail replied to

40b offer on the Loggerhead

42B loggerhead offer
26B Wyvern offer

Thank you for the offers, There are a 45b and 47b mail offers on the loggerhead currently. Looking for a slight bit more than that. I will set the loggerhead buyout to 48b. Pretty firm on the wyvern price atm. Ragnarok and hel are currently on contract awaiting acceptance.

I’ll take the hel if it falls through.

Daily Bump, Loggerhead and Keepstar SOLD. Added another Ragnarok, post has been cleaned up to reflect current items for sale.

I would like to offer 28 B for the Wyvern. In case it is rigged, I ll make up for the difference.

Thank you for the offer, I would like a bit more for the Wyvern

95B for Ragnarok,thanks

I will do 120 rag + wyvern huls.