WTS supers in lowsec/null including VENDETTA, dank purples

Aeon unrigged/unfit basg - 24b
wyvern unrigged/unfit basg - 24b
Vendetta rigged no fit NSI keepstar - 155b
Vendetta rigged no fit RF- keepstar - 155b

unit W damage control x2 - 50b jita
Cormacks explo membrane - 7b jita
draclira large emp smartbomb - 14.5b jita

Back up we go

to the top; added draclira large emp smartbomb

up we go

are these hulls in npc station?

They are located in the freeport Keepstar in Basergin

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understood, 19.5b for aeon - please contract to me if accepted

sorry, too low so ill sit on it for now…not sure if replying breaks the rules on 1day bumps

You are allowed to reply, but consider your reply as the new startpoint for the 24hr timer on bumps.

Will take both aeon and wyvern for 44b
Contract if accepted

meet halfway at 46b?

No sorry, my offer is still 44 for both

sorry, i am firm on 23 ea at a minimum.

to the top

ill take one vendetta if u can get it to lowsec, those 2 supers in basg, one dcu, draclira smb and 50b for a victor in exchange.

46 b for aeon+wyvern, contract when accepted

thank you, contract up for 46b

stuff sale for sale