WTB Supers


Looking to buy Nyx , Wyvern ,Hel and Aeon

Has to be in Npc low sec station only

Need just the Hull so in game me your prices or post here


Evepraisal - Appraisal 10vwr8: 30.29 Billion Buy / 32.05 Billion Sell in amamake, 38b
would sell rigged hull for 35b

4-h is trimarks and is around 30b
t5z one is hypers wish 3b fit Appraisal 2MZDAE @ Jita 4-4 split: 16,851,260,640.00 ISK | Janice

Has to be in npc low sec station only!

You are aware that the amamake KS is a freeport right?

Its not npc so no

looking for more

Selling Nyx hull in Uemon for 40b. Contact in game!

Why would i pay more to you when cheapest available on contract is 28 bil genius ??