WTS Nyx, Hel, Aeon hulls In 37s-ko Stain Freeport Keepstar

(Psychotic Turtle) #1

As title says, i am selling NYX, HEL and Aeon hulls in Stain 37s-ko Freeport Keepstar.

If you need fits for the ships, I can provide those as well, also you will find most of the fits on the market.

Titan Hulls also available to order, please eve-mail me in game for more details.

(Jovius Marginus) #2

I’m in the market for the Nyx. 18 Bill, but it must be moved to NPC station. I won’t buy if it’s in a player owned structure.

(Psychotic Turtle) #3

If you only want low sec NYX, you can find them on the forum, but i am afraid you must be ready to pay the prices associated with them. Also i am afraid you need to do some serious research in the market value of a NYX my friend.

(Jovius Marginus) #4

Thought it was the hull only. No worries.

(Psychotic Turtle) #5


Contact me in advance for safest way to get your ship where you need it to be.
We have extensive citadel network we can help you get where you need it!

(Psychotic Turtle) #6

Aeon SOLD!
Still have Hel and Nyx hulls. Evemail me for more details.

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(Psychotic Turtle) #10


(Psychotic Turtle) #11

Selling Nyx and Hel hulls and taking orders for all other supers, titans included.

(Richie Kane) #12

Great business, thanks for the BUS!, easy to deal with. Will do business again :stuck_out_tongue:

(Richie Kane) #13

FYI supers can ONLY dock in player owned structures XD

(Psychotic Turtle) #14

Thank you Richie. BUMP! :slight_smile:

(Psychotic Turtle) #15

Public contracts replenished, no shortage of supply. Evemail me if you have any questions.

(Psychotic Turtle) #16


(Psychotic Turtle) #17

BUMP :slight_smile:

(jcmendex3) #18

How much the hel?

(Psychotic Turtle) #19

19.5 Billion friend.

(Psychotic Turtle) #20