WTS Nyx, Hel, Aeon hulls In 37s-ko Stain Freeport Keepstar

Out of Hel Hulls for a day or 2, still have NYX’s. Evemail me for details.

WTB Hel Pm\mail

Thank you for the chat.
NYX and HEL back in inventory, taking orders for all other supers/titans.

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Welcome to the bait keepstar

Are you trying to imply I or anyone in GS have ever scam anyone using the KS?
Please don’t slander, if you are currently losing to us on a campaign, keep it to the pew pew, don’t slander dude.

never ever buy anything from another persons citadel… EVER

Alright buddy, good on you. For anyone out there looking to buy Supers, keep them convos coming.
Nyx and Hel’s on contract wont be beat on price in the south.

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Out of Nyx Hulls for a few days, more coming soon, you can preorder and reserve yours today, contact me for pricing. Best price in the south. Still have plenty of Hel hulls.

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Nyx and Hel hulls back in stock.


Selling all suppers all races, eve-mail me for details.

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Cheapest Supers in southern EVE :slight_smile:

I bough supers from this place. Legit business, even my cyno remain untouched on the keepstar.

Thank you William!
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