- sold

Want to sell my Aeon with 3x T2 Trimarks, located in Aunenen Keepstar - 17.5b negotiable … or aeon&isk for a nyx hull


still up for sale/trade

bump it :partyparrot:

16.5b. evemail sent

sorry, but that’s too low

going up again, still for sale

bump it up

still for sale

still looking for a buyer

Mail sent

mail sent

Got it, I’m ok with terms but can’t check what was sold Nyx or Hel since got both on contracts and Eve Portal shows I got contract accepted but which one I don’t know until back to PC client. If Nyx still with me we have a deal.

i would consider to change for a hel too … anyway bump it up, still for sale

still for sale

17 bil?

allright, i’ll set up a contract later

and it’s up

Accepted and thx

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