WTB: Nyx, > Hel > else

(Tatyana Howell) #1

Fitted or not, I need 2 supers. Will entertain Wyvern and Aeon if the price is right. Fittings are not important a s I need hulls but let me know what you have. PM me. If priced right, will buy quick

(michaeltward) #2

You has WTS (Want To Sell) in the title.

May want to change that to WTB.

(Tatyana Howell) #3

Thanks for the catch. Somehow I managed to snag what I needed. Needed 2, got 4.

If you still have supers to sell, hit me up and I might be in a position to buy more in a few days. Good prices = fast sells. I’m not looking for dirt cheap, just good deals.

(Amelia Sturges) #5

Still Buying?

(Rusot) #6

got 1 nyx for sale fitted + travel fit http://evepraisal.com/a/c66n3
will sell it for 24.5b