WTS Keepstar and Ragnarok in lowsec

Yes sir, 200bn in highest somewhere!

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Where in lowsec is the Rag, and does it have any kill marks?

in amamake and yes a few hundred

keestar for 130b and sotyio 7/12 BPO in jita?

If you can post a picture of the killmarks Iā€™d be willing to make an offer on the ragnarok.

Cheers for the offer mate, sadly in no need of a Sotiyo BPO!

can you give me a rough idea where in lowsec

its in my keep star in AMamake

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Would you be interested in isk and a leviathan for trade ?

Or super cap bpos ?

for the keepstar or the ragnarok my man?

Sorry :slight_smile: yeah for the Keepstar , the leviathan has gone but have a fitted avatar and super capital bpos and isk for trade

that works for me, fitted avatar + some isk is plenty for me, wanna mail me in game?

bump never heard

I could do 2 faction forts and some isk if you are intrested

no ty no more structures haha