WTS Rag in Otsasai Keepstar

Hello there fellow space friends,

I am wanting to offload my Ragnarok + fittings that are located in the Otsasai Keepstar.

This ship can be moved to a station if required.

Below is the evepraisal of everything it has including meme lol driveby and tank + DPS + inplants. SR and LR guns.

The Rapier comes for free.


The abyssal items are pretty lit and the 500mn MWD is just about max speed roll. Happy to show these to prospective buyers.

Looking for north of 190b. Feel free to post here or mail in-game. Happy to discuss hull + rigs only deals as well.


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Evepraisal - Appraisal 101gax: 80.5 Billion Buy / 86.44 Billion Sell want this for 145 b to sell 2 f them for 190?

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