WTS Fitted Ragnarok UALX Keepstar

WTS Fitted Ragnarok UALX Keepstar.

50b ill take it tonight

37b isk more and you got a deal :wink:

how about like 13b more

if that works for you set up a contract to me

the lowest i can go is 77b. Thats the amount of isk i need to fund my next project, also thats what it is worth with all its refittings

good luck there is all i can tell ya

but u already said 67b ? ill offer u 60b for the hull

The hull is rigged and i am only interested in selling it as a package deal

link fit cuz i think you dont have 23b in fits inside this hull and the safety thing also takes isk

I would not asset safety on this and mail me in game. I am selling this to legacy coalition members and its blues. If you can prove you are a legacy member or blue i will send you the fit.

why dont u sell it on legacy forum then??

there is a test forum, its not available to legacy members so ive been told. So alas im posting here and in game channels

i guess its ■■■■ coalition, join better one

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Im in legacy and am interested. Can you mail me the current fit in-game?

convoed you

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