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25b for hull only

Gonna wait for some more clients, but i might i accept the offer if no one is interested in fully fitted hull.

What’s the fit like?

25.1 bil for hull contract to me

low sec station preferred


ingame mail sent

Thats the fit of the ship i m selling.

Would you do 29 bil for the fit version?

Let’s wait till the monday, then we can try arrange the deal.

Shameless bump ^

retracted , super on pos and not keepstar

Replied ingame. The ship will be on keepstar in lowsec.

Had to reopen the thread because of an inadequate buyer (was being told to deliver fitted ship and the buyer changed mind to only rigged hull after the ship delivery). Anyway, bumpity!

Sent you a offer ingame
Under a different name

Still selling!

28b. I’ll take it

29b and I’ll take it


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