This hull currently has a full fit including T2 Hyperspatial Rigs. If you are interested in a fit please let me know. Otherwise I’ll strip it off prior to sale and we can just bargain for the hull.


92 bil for just the hull

Should have added in advert. Looking for flat 100 b/o for the hull.

offer 95b for hull

98b offer

So very close.

100b offer

Sold for 100B! Shauni, please evemail me in game and I can provide details.

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Will do in a bit, real life at the moment. (expect a mail in 3 hours.)

Can you check evemail?

Take your time, and thank you.

Can you check evemail?

Can you check evemail?

100 bil i will take it asap

private contract to me



I haven’t heard back from you. If I don’t in the next 12 hours I’ll assume no interest.


Offer 100b

My offer still stand and put up the contract if accepted