Ragnarok for sale UALX Keepstar

Have a fully fit Rag for sale UALX Keepstar available to legacy Coalition and its blues. Mail me in game for the fitting and offers.

So your other topic got closed because you keep excessively bumping it and now you open a new one?

Yes sir the ragnarok is still for sale.

Confirmed retard


WTB Retardnarok


Your opinions are noted gentlemen. They are also dismissed. Have a good day. :slight_smile:

Since im in Legacy, I made this dude a very good offer in game (~70+b) and he turned it down. I dont think hes listening to reason.

Dismissed like forum rules?

Your offer was reasonable, if i was someone in the Test alliance where you guys can build and sell titans to each other for build price. I am in requiem however and we cant do that. So i cannot accept that offer without losing alot of isk. I hope you are well o7

I had to go reread the forum rules and I now understand the bumping rule and will not make the same mistake again. I am just dismissing your opinion because you have nothing productive to offer this thread other than half assed insults. Again, hope you have a great day. I will no longer acknowledge posts on this thread that dont involve the sale of this titan. o7

Rag is still for sale to members of the Legacy Coalition. I will consider trades for supers + Isk.

Ragnarok Is still for sale to members of the Legacy Coalition and its blues. I will consider trades for Supers + Isk.

He doesn’t have access to their forums, apparently.

Today’s forecast: 100% chance of shade thrown

Ragnarok is still for sale. Will consider trades for supers + isk.

Ragnarok for sale to legacy coalition

Maybe get access legacy forum instead of bumping here for weeks …

Ragnarok sold.

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