WTS Ragnarok - Aunenen Keepstar

(Damagebladee) #1

For sale:

1 x Ragnarok w/ core defence field extenders T2’s


I know the keep is being taken down and I’d rather asset safety than give it away for cheap.

Mail me in game if needed


Sent you a mail.

(Damagebladee) #3

Still for sale

(Damagebladee) #4

still for sale

(Damagebladee) #5

Still for sale.

(BombTymer) #6

would you consider trading for cap components? same values worth of course

(Damagebladee) #7

No sorry. Still for sale

(ZAP ZAP Pollard) #8

60bil offer

(Damagebladee) #9

Sold. Please close

(system) #10

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