WTS Ragnarok

Location: Placid (low sec station)
Fit: T2 Shield Ext. Rigged
Price: 110 B

This is bait right?


125b offer Yep

it was 100 now 110 :smiley: couldn’t write this xD

sounds good to me

if that offer falls through i can do 130.

Retracting offer found one for 65b thanks

Dam if u found one for 65 maybe i was about to be scammed at 130. Retracted.

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ride the dream

after some math, price adjusted to 80 B

68b rdy to go

no thank you

Removed a thread as it was off-topic.

@Greasy_Chick - please amend the original post to reflect the new 80B BO price.


ISD Bahamut