SOLD rigged Revenant in Basgerin KS 115b

Hull, fuel, t2 hypers. No lowballs pls.



Space toy still for sale

To the top!


Received 2 mails with offers: 100 and 105, still want more.

Elite space slug.

For sale


106bil or make me a reasonable price.

You got a fit also? so we can then maybe agree on a price with fit?

106 too low, but thx for offer anyways.

No fit, only rigs and fuel.

you sold ur bpc for 97bil. What you expect to get? You also trade in for a nyx / hel? as part of the isk?

Just isk, not interested in trade for ships, sry. If you want @resonable price@, ok: one of the last revs from public contracts was sold for 110, but it was odebeinn system. If you understand what problem buy and move ship from odebeinn, you will understand why i ask 115 in basgerin (:

i need to liquit some iskies then 115 last price? u can send me pm ur last one :slight_smile:

114 if you take ship before monday, a little personal discount (:

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i need to go and get the santa claus and have a party with him but in approx 8hours i should be done with that and can liqit some ■■■■

Deal, mail me when you will be ready. I have some rl affairs, but i think i can login and set private contract.

Well, still no messages from this buyer and we continue here. Price 115 again, mail me.

wrote you ingame?