WTS Revenant (null-sec)

Looking to sell my Revenant Hull + T2 CDFE rig.,

Located in Catch.

Also interested in a trade for either a Vendetta or Revenant in Drone region.

120B wil make you the happy owner :slight_smile:

110b offer

Thanks for the offer, im afraid im looking for more.
I have seen BPCs beeing sold for 105/110 Bill (top end)

I wil also edit the origional post as im also willing/interested to trade it for either a Vendetta or a Revenant located in the Drone region.

the location of your rev is not really attractive. maybe move it to lowsec to get better offer.

Thx for your reply, i changed the post itself and added my bottom price for the revenant.

SOLD, can close this one

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