WTB Erebus/Avatar/Vendetta/Revenant

As title states looking for any of the following
Erebus - want a second hull
Hit me up with what you got.

Updated with remaining ships im after
Bought so far - Rag/Bus/Nyx

Are you still looking for a rag?

still looking

Still looking isk ready :stuck_out_tongue:

where are you looking for one

Any lowsec system

send me eve mail offer for ragnarok with t2 hyperspatial rigs. Location basgerin

send me offer for t2 hyperspatial hel ~basgerin

i have send you the mail

glad to have offer for t2 shield Ragnarok at Basgerin

still looking for hel?

bump hel acquired

bump still looking, isk ready for your ships!

Still Looking for Ragnarok?

still looking for a BUS?

yup hit me up ingame

have vendetta , how much you offering ?

80bill for the bare hull, more depending on fit

Bump still looking - have bought a erebus but still after more.

looking for rag still?