WTS: Ereubus, Ragnarok, Hel, Nyx - Aunenen

(indiana bones) #1

WTS: (Never knowingly undersold)

All come with a t2 defence & travel fit* + 100k fuel. Delivery in Aunenen public Keepstar. Ships are unrigged.

Erebus - 64b SOLD
Ragnarok - 64b SOLD
Hel - 17b
Nyx - 17.5b

Please message me in game if you’re interested. Open to non-lowball offers, but these are fairly keen prices already.

Armor/Shield Hardeners/resists, etc
Cap Recharge
Cyno + Fuel


(Eve Scout Explorer) #2

60b for rag

(indiana bones) #3

messaged you in game

(Arcadis Cloud) #4

Is the Erebus still for sale? Offering 62b if you can’t find a buyer.

(indiana bones) #5

Messaged you in game :slightly_smiling_face:

(Sira Fiinikkusu) #6

16.5b for the nyx

(Jita Citizen 29917392) #7

Retracted. Found another for less. GLWS

(Taraas Enko) #8

61 for the rag

(Alexset Bath) #9

Mail me ngame. Will pay 64 for rag.

(indiana bones) #10

Sorry, Rag has sold already

(indiana bones) #11

Erebus also now sold

(Polaris Lazair) #12

any chance of a delivery?

(indiana bones) #13

still for sale :slight_smile:

(system) #14

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