WTS: Ragnarok, Hel, Nyx - Aunenen LOWERED PRICES


Ragnarok - 63b ** SOLD **
Hel - 17b ** SOLD **
Nyx - 17.5b ** SOLD **

All come with a t2 travel fit + 100k fuel. Delivery in Aunenen public Keepstar. Ships are unrigged.

Please message me in game if you’re interested. Open to non-lowball offers, but these are fairly keen prices already.



will offer 64b for the erebus or 66 if you throw in T2 trimarks

Contract up :slightly_smiling_face:

Erebus under offer, but not accepted… others still available

Will accept erebus later today when online

Rag added

Still for sale

Erebus added

Avatar and Erebus now sold

Hel Sold

Another Rag, Hel & Nyx added :grinning:

62 for rag? if thats ok throw me up a private contract.

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