WTS: Ragnarok, Hel, Nyx - Aunenen LOWERED PRICES

(indiana bones) #1


Ragnarok - 63b ** SOLD **
Hel - 17b ** SOLD **
Nyx - 17.5b ** SOLD **

All come with a t2 travel fit + 100k fuel. Delivery in Aunenen public Keepstar. Ships are unrigged.

Please message me in game if you’re interested. Open to non-lowball offers, but these are fairly keen prices already.


(Le'Sabre) #2


(Guess What) #3

will offer 64b for the erebus or 66 if you throw in T2 trimarks

(indiana bones) #4

Contract up :slightly_smiling_face:

(indiana bones) #5

Erebus under offer, but not accepted… others still available

(Guess What) #6

Will accept erebus later today when online

(indiana bones) #7

Rag added

(indiana bones) #8

Still for sale

(indiana bones) #9

Erebus added

(indiana bones) #10

Avatar and Erebus now sold

(indiana bones) #11

Hel Sold

(indiana bones) #12

Another Rag, Hel & Nyx added :grinning:

(Luv2Club69) #13

62 for rag? if thats ok throw me up a private contract.

(system) #14

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