:christmasparrot: WTS Ragnarok in Basgerin keepstar Rock Bottom Pricing :christmasparrot:

Wts Fit Ragnarok w/ t2 CFE rigs
Asking 62b


price lowered to 62b. Fitting removed. Make an offer. reasonable offers that is.

Still for sale.

55b offer here

Sorry, that offer is too low. Come a closer to my asking price and ill consider.

Ragnarok still for sale. Send offer in game please!

55 is still an offer

60b and its yours

56 :slight_smile: no one is outbidding me so kinda shows its worth

57b lol

56 still here :slight_smile:

Ill take the 57b offer if it still stands!

Mail Sent :smiley:

still for sale. send offers in game pls

still available

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