WTS Keepstar

i used it, got a dank solo rattle kill in it, but i have plans that require a keepstar :smiley:

How about… I buy it off you… for… a certain… good price for me… and you can buy with raw isk this Keepstar :smiley:

could go 140 bil for hull, so you had a chance to turn a profit on it?

Sounds good :slight_smile:

you bastards this is my sale thread lol

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send me the fit

its cool, i just sold the virt, how does 175 bil for the keepstar sound, pure unadulterated isk?

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how about 185 you just got 140 for the virt :slight_smile:

180 and you have yourself a deal :slight_smile:

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180b , Thats a Pretty fair offer cough.

PS: You better Delete and Burn this post after you are done. :rofl:

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burn it and bury the ashes where the mods cant find them :’)


alright 180 and your best skin :slight_smile:

a skin… wow… it better be Nyx Quafe :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol if i owned that id have it on a nyx

try again m8 i was getting a beer :slight_smile:

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