WTS: Keepstar Hull (The Real Deal)

(Commander Katman) #1

Ok Guys

Keepstar Hull For sale.

In High Sec. 2Jumps From Jita

Contracted by me, to the winner !! From an NPC station.

No Floor Starting Bid… have at it guys ! :wink:

B/O 290B :palm_tree::clinking_glasses::bank: NEW BO 250B

Thanks for reading.


I would accept offers 240Bill and Up today. !!!

(Commander Katman) #2

Accepting B/O offers over 260b. pm or post here.

(Commander Katman) #3

any interest ?

(Dancul1001) #4


(Commander Katman) #5

thanks for the offer… however it is to low.

(Commander Katman) #6

New BO 250B…

I would accept 240b and up today.

Thanks and Good Luck

(Commander Katman) #7

Bumps… Today Only 237.5 Bill first PM gets the contract 2 from jita.

(Commander Katman) #8

Taking Offers around 235Billion


(Commander Katman) #9

Taking Solid But Fair Offers… pm!


(Commander Katman) #10


Will take 230b to the first pm… better hurry :smirk: