WTS: Keepstar Hull (The Real Deal)

Ok Guys

Keepstar Hull For sale.

In High Sec. 2Jumps From Jita

Contracted by me, to the winner !! From an NPC station.

No Floor Starting Bid… have at it guys ! :wink:

B/O 290B :palm_tree::clinking_glasses::bank: NEW BO 250B

Thanks for reading.


I would accept offers 240Bill and Up today. !!!

Accepting B/O offers over 260b. pm or post here.

any interest ?


thanks for the offer… however it is to low.

New BO 250B…

I would accept 240b and up today.

Thanks and Good Luck

Bumps… Today Only 237.5 Bill first PM gets the contract 2 from jita.

Taking Offers around 235Billion


Taking Solid But Fair Offers… pm!



Will take 230b to the first pm… better hurry :smirk: