WTS Keepstar

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Keepstar For Sale

With a need for more of these fight generating structures I have for sale 2. One is located in Jita (but not 4-4) and the other in NPC Null. Looking to get rid of these and help create more content for you crazy people who love the TiDi.

320b ONO

Edit : 320b each… Kek
He is absolutely out of his mind and only time will teach him :ok_hand:

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Replied, Sorry it is not 320b for 2 keepstars Minerals are rising, demand is rising so prices are rising

Price are 320b each Or nearest Offer

MMMM 100% profit margin

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In my ignorance I didn’t really check and I was supposed to advertise it for 220 B

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Had a reality check did we ?? Lmao :smiley:

Man admitted he was wrong and you make fun of him after the fact? Lowlife. Thats how to get people who never admit they were wrong.

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Just to give you guys some context I added the post from a msg I received, that message had been fat fingered and put 320 instead of 220 so when I was asked I confirmed the price was 320. After which I went back to the holder and asked him to review or if he expected a huge increase in the prices due to CCP changes, which they replied ■■■■ no I was supposed to list for 220, hence my post to correct.

So no not a reality check just a typo either way thanks for the bumps guys


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