WTS Keepstar (With Delivery)

will deliver to highsec of your choice (within reason)


Also interested in the price and flexible regarding location. Any npc would do.

165b, delivered. If you’ll take it in any contiguous highsec, message me in game with an offer and let’s chat.

same reply as above ^

taking offers on the keep. msg here or ingame.

I’ll offer 110B to start you off.

I’d meet you in the middle

These don’t seem to sell all that often. I’ll up my offer to 118. If you agree please send the contract. It just needs to be a avoid npc station.

why would they sell. 3 null blocks can anchor them and 9/10 keepstar ingame are dead anyways just superfleet resting points. null blocks make their own anyways if they need more. risky call to buy one buy 118 seems a good price

I’ll continue sitting on it for the foreseeable future. Thanks anyway for the offers.

you may be very surprised to hear that this isn’t often the case.

No worries. If you change your mind please let me know.

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