WTS Keepstar Konora

“WTS Keepstar Konora”

This is the frat one that got athanor’d if people care about asset lore.

Any reasonable offers will be accepted, ty.

Le bump.

Bump looking for 160b.


145b contract to Alocose if you accept

Firm 160b, this is a group decision as this was a multi player heist.

Cheers for the offer though.


this is going to sound ridiculous but i can’t login ingame rn xD

contact “iamtiredchoosingnames” via pm



Bump, sorry, this is a split so I do need ISK for it.

price remains at 160b.

Lebump 160b for the keepy.

One final price drop in an attempt to sell it 150b.


Bump, 150b is truly as low as ill go :slight_smile:

DM me on discord

discord req sent.

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