Contract to me please.

I’ll pay more. Contact me in-game.


I forgot contracts don’t show corpse names so you can either trade it to me in Jita 4-4 or contract it to me for free and I’ll send the ISK once I confirm it’s CCP Manifest. I’d be fine with Chribba third partying, but keep in mind he’s slow

Also, I’d recommend not direct trading it with Rupee Rue due to her reputation of less than stellar offers.

I’m not sure where direct trading was ever decided here but that of course would be silly.

Oh, and I would NOT advise contracting it for free :wink:

6 bil.


Needs more characters.

I now know what Elizabeth was planning on doing with him and it’s actually for a better cause. I rescind my offers. Please sell to her for the original price.

Thank you and Merry Christmas

Still available

can you give a buyout prize?

Buyout was originally 2b, but given its unexpected increase in bids, I’ll just put it at 8b ono

Still for sale



Dunno what happened to those trades, but the Museum will offer the original 2 bn.

Sent you a mail

This should serve as a lesson to others on how to not get greedy on insignificant items.

I haven’t refused a single offer, thanks for your insight though.

Is our deal still on, are we just waiting on Chribba?

I’ll bid 2.5b

4Billion ?