Selling Myself
Located in MJ- (Horde staging)
Ex revenant Pilot
Has Amarr,Caldari,Gallente carrier book
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
No Bounties
0.2 Sec Status
NPC Corp
Has High grade Nirvana, Amulet, and Ascendency pods

(Had to fit it all into one picture due to being new forum account)

I pay transfer
Starting bid 26B anything lower is ignored

26B offer

sidenote, would be really neat if those expensive clones were not deep in Nullsec or had a way to get out of there.

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yeah trust me i know, but theyre basically stuck there

If you put it back in horde for a few days and move the implants I’ll pay 32b.

And I’ll do 28,5b without that effort °_°

unfortunately i can’t do that

im selling everything how it is currently

29B if you selling

30B best offer

alright, 31b

anyone wanna go higher? The auction won’t go beyond the weekend :slight_smile: dw i wont make it everlasting



10pm est tonight toon will be sold to highest offer :slight_smile:

if youre still up for it just mail me info in game :slight_smile:

can you move that 3 pods to jita or other high sec land?

sadly i cant, i stated that above

all right i will send isk and email in game

Isk and email send,Accept account is “ywdcap1”