SOLD! 24.3 mil focused pvp

This auction will end at this friday’s downtime (11:00 UTC / May 11th)

Starting bid 20b / Buy out 23b
(Minimum bid increment 100k)

If the buy out of 23b is not met, will goto the highest bidder at downtime.

3% capacitor & 3% power grid implants
Wardrobe upgrades included
2 remaps available
Clean corp history

  • Gallente Frig 5 / Amarr Frig 5 (Astero)

  • Amarr Cruiser 5 !!!

  • Amarr Strategic Cruiser 5 & all subsystems to 5 !!!

  • All subcap navigation skills to 5 !!!
    T2 Afterburner / T2 mwd

  • Solid T2 Armor tanking !!!
    Hull Upgrades, Mechanics, & Repair Systems all 5 ! / All resistances to 4 !

  • 3.2 mil sp Drones !!!
    Drone Interfacing 5 !
    T2 Acolytes & Hobgoblins hit hard !

  • All core engineering skills to 5 !!!
    Max cap, power, & cpu !

  • 3.8 mil sp Gunnery !!!
    T2 Medium Beam & Pulse Lasers !

Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
Located in a Hi Sec station / Domain

I receive the ISK / I pay the transfer

Locked, cocked, and ready to rock!
Who’s buying me?!

19 bil b/o, ready to rock

I appreciate the offer but i wont go lower than 20b.

I can do 20bil if you want to sell it now.

I accept your offer of 20b! However, I wont be home until late tonight (US East) and cant confirm isk received & transfer character until I get home.

No problem. ISK sent and evemail with account info sent as well.


I accept Odinessa’s offer and will confirm isk and transfer character tonight when I get home. I will post on this thread when I have done so.

@Odinessa I confirm 20b isk received, character transfer initiated!

Transfer received, thanks!

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