Auction Closed

8,455,159 sp precisely, 55,578 unallocated. Amarr Frig and Cruiser 5 and Fleet Command 4! ‘Basic’ implants installed. 1 Bonus Remap and Yearly Remap Available!

Completely clean, 1 isk, no killrights, no jumpclones, no corp history. [Royal Amarr Institute] 2011-12-12 23:27 – Now (2787 days)

Located: Highsec (Osmeden - Federation Navy Assembly Plant)

Starting Bid: 5 bil

BUYOUT: 10.5 bil

Duration: at least a week if buyout not met (may be subject to change)

Get a fresh face and clean start!


SP totals climbing due to skilling spree. Bump.



bid 5b

ps. I’m rushing so might withdraw in 1~3 days.

Bid accepted. Character is yours pending a higher bid before expiry or a contravention of CCP rules. Thanks.

Bump. Time is running out to get a bid in.

Last chance to get a bid in. I will be closing this auction tomorrow in favour of Vis0ral.

@Vis0ral sound good?

@Malvolio_Du_Charnock sure.


Please send ISK and account info and I will initiate the transfer.

ISK and account information sent.

Transfer initiated.

Enjoy and thanks for the prompt and accurate deal.

Character received.

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