WTS 13.7 mil (+8.1 mil unallocated)

Character is specialized in Minmatar frigs and dessies:


  • 8.1 mil unallocated sp
  • 2 bonus remaps
  • Positive sec status
  • Short employment history

I’ll pay transfer fee.

Looking for bids o7

14b offered

14.5 bil

Removed a series of off-topic posts. Please keep posts in this thread restricted to bids/offers, and questions.

Wow. A lot of “withdrawn” posts. So I clearly missed something; I’m sure that it was riveting though.

That being said, I’m ending the bidding on Sunday 22:00. Highest bidder wins.

Minimum 14b.

15B. When is the next timed remap?

I’ll be home in about 2 hours and let you know, Bud :+1:

2018.09.27 19:16:30

15.5 bil

16b send PM plz

16.5 bil isk can transfer now

17 bil

19 bil

Bump. A few hours left.

20bill if instant sell.

Auction ends at 22:00, mate. To be fair to everyone else that’s bidding, I’m not ending it early.

I typed a weird sentence that didn’t make sense

22:00of what time zone lol maybe i can wait before i sleeep

Eve time; GMT. Just over 15 hours from now.

I retract my bid ended up injecting a pilot

Less than an hour left