Selling myself, 28m sp, can fly a rorqual well, can fly t2 minmatar indy and build supers.
Pass: 123456

Starting bid 23b.

23 billions.



25b let do it today

25.5 Bill

26 B hmmm

26.5 bill

27 bil

28 bil

29 bil

All yours. Luck!

since the colleague won me another character and retires by lot anto of this bid.
I withdraw my offers, I offer 27.5B again.

28.5 bill

Please only use 0.5b increments.

Character sale ends in ~22h.


Looks like we have a winner with 28b bid, Popo big send isk and account info.

Looks like Popo big has also left the bidding.

As there were too many people leaving, lets restart it from 23b. If you are interested in buyout, just say so with a decent price.

23b :sunglasses:

24B b/o