Character sold

Im thinking of selling this rorqual pilot as I dont use him much anymore

has the implants and an impressive amount of lvl 5 skills especially in resource processing for refining


any comments and suggestions woould be valued but dont put silly prices that you wouldnt pay

I would pay 30b.
Others may pay more

The market’s a little twisted currently, with PLEX at highs, driven by back-to-back promotions on MPTCs and Skill Extractors. That’s putting pressure on the I-E margin, the main driving factor in valuing toons. Right now, you’re looking at about 45 billion ISK - that’s what I’d bid - maybe more if you’re willing to run an auction and wait out the market.

Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

Thank you Maizie your input pans out with what I could extract and sell his skills for. Would you go as far as 46b? If you are interested I will move him to hisec and place on the market for you

I’ll bid 46 billion.

Please confirm the sale, and I’ll send ISK and account info.


ISK and account info sent. Thanks!!

isk received

awaiting resending of email ( I accidentaly deleted it)

subject heading changed accordingly

Account info resent… ;=)

Please advise on the status of the transfer…

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