207mil SOLD



Character has positive wallet
Located in Jita
No Killrights
1 Remap
-1.93 sec
775,000 unlearned

Spicy drone/fighter skills
Max Nav
Many Subcap ships at V
Amarr Carrier V
Amarr Dread V
Capital Ships V



I appreciate the in game offers but wanting a bit more.

bump it!

I too will offer you under extractor value like the above fine gentlemen.


thanks for the offer, it’s getting closer but not there yet.


Thanks! Getting very close now. Bump!

Hope you tell me your price.I like your character

If the price is close to the injector value I would sell.


close to injector value? or close to injector value minus extractor value? you sounds like skill extractors are free. :laughing:

How much is that number

145b offer

No, ofc when i’m talking about injector value i’m factoring in the extractor cost to buy.
When I listed the character it was 160bil.

Ofc if someone is not planning on extracting then the characters sp being over 200mil is worth a lot more.

Characters, especially higher sp ones only really sell for extraction or maybe 5% above extraction. No one pays a premium for a single character when they could buy two that would do the same thing.

Specialised lower so characters are the ones that pay the biggest % above extraction value.


160 offer

Sorry I was away the passed couple days.

Bump it!

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bump it

Still for sale.