What am I worth? ( 240m sp)

Not using this character to its full potential so may as well get a cheaper one and a bit of spare isk.
So what can I expect for my char?

If you plan on continuing playing, you could just extract SP from yourself & sell it. That way you can control what lines of ships you lose. Just a thought :slight_smile:

If you did end up selling, melting your character down would come out to 195B, so any offers over that would make sense.


Thanks for that. I’ve never used skill extractors/injectors so will have to investigate that avenue.

Go to Jita -> Pilot Services -> Skill Trading. You can buy 1 extractor for 305M I think. And sell the large injector for 700M. So 400M profit per one. Or if you have plex/$: you can buy injectors from CCP and save the extractor cost.

And no worries :slight_smile:

taxes … dont forget IRS :slight_smile:

Or if you have plex/$: you can buy extractors** from CCP and save the extractor cost.

If this was my char, I wouldnt consider selling it under 220-230 bil.

Sure…you can believe whatever you want. You cannot push your belief onto others, as the market approach doesn’t belief, but cold hard math :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am in the bazaar bussiness for a long time, so my beliefs are based on experience. Every char is different and its worth is not always based on extraction price. You can put your cold hard math in…a very dark place…

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I agree with Iva. Characters with this much SP are not worth their calculated extraction value. At this level it has much more to do with what people are willing to pay. Yes, many people throw away characters like this for extraction value which is why Samira believes otherwise. However, if you are patient you can sell characters for up to 2x extraction price if you find the right buyer. It really comes down to how quickly you need the ISK. Us higher net worth traders have no urgency behind our sales and can afford to wait for the right buyers.

If I were selling this character I would be holding out for 220-250b.

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Again thanks for all the good info guys. Now I know my approximate worth I shall clear assets and stick me up for auction.

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