13.68 m sp char for sale

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price is 15b isk…

no implants…
no kill rights
no negative affects with the char ie npc standing etc

30 large skill injectors maybe 31 or more thats about 24b isk alone not including skills at current market rates
Someone correct me if i am wrong.

**1. Wallet balance is in the positive above zero isk

**2. Kill rights none for or against

**3. No Jump clones

**4. Character location is in true high sec

13,681,739 skillpoints; you can extract down to 5.5 million, meaning you have 8181739 skillpoints that are extractable. At 500000 sp per extractor, that is 16.36 Large Skill Injectors you can create. So 16 Large Injectors is your melt value (minus the cost of the extractors); 15 without the unallocated skillpoints). Then of course you include the transfer free cost in isk value, but you are still overestimating.

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