SOLD WTS 13.2M SP 2006 Char, SOLD

Up for sale is this 2006 Char with lots of skill books learned (~370) and ready to inject.

Pos isk and sec,
No kill rights,
In High sec Dodixie

Offers please;

8 bil

8.5b offer

8.6 bil

Thx for the offers, going to let it run at least 24hrs and see what come in.

10B ISK even.


Extract value is almost 12 Bil so need a little more,

Extract value is more like 7.5bil since you cant extract under 5m sp

Reiterating my fair offer of 10B. Offer expires 20:00 Eve time today (in ~14h).

10,5 b b/o

I was figuring being able to extract 8m sp = 16 injectors = 12.8 bil.

I accept the 10.5 bil offer from TheBank Manager, but I’ll only be online for 30 minutes and be gone ~ 8 hrs doing family outing stuff.
If you want to send Isk and Acct info anytime today I can transfer when I get back.

I can do 10b now?

You need to account for the cost of the Skill Extractors:

12.8B (Skill Injector x16) - 5.4 B (Skill Extractor x16) = ~7.4B ISK

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iisk send* + info

Transfer initiated,

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