SOLD WTS 13.2M SP 2006 Char, SOLD

(Ellariona) #1

Up for sale is this 2006 Char with lots of skill books learned (~370) and ready to inject.

Pos isk and sec,
No kill rights,
In High sec Dodixie

Offers please;

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #2

8 bil

(Captainamazing) #3

8.5b offer

(Justin Ackaris) #4

8.6 bil

(Ellariona) #5

Thx for the offers, going to let it run at least 24hrs and see what come in.

(Aki Onnlin) #6

10B ISK even.

(Ellariona) #7


(Ellariona) #8

Extract value is almost 12 Bil so need a little more,

(Brock Khans) #9

Extract value is more like 7.5bil since you cant extract under 5m sp

(Aki Onnlin) #10

Reiterating my fair offer of 10B. Offer expires 20:00 Eve time today (in ~14h).

(TheBank Manager) #11

10,5 b b/o

(Ellariona) #12

I was figuring being able to extract 8m sp = 16 injectors = 12.8 bil.

(Ellariona) #13

I accept the 10.5 bil offer from TheBank Manager, but I’ll only be online for 30 minutes and be gone ~ 8 hrs doing family outing stuff.
If you want to send Isk and Acct info anytime today I can transfer when I get back.

(Kouhaku) #14

I can do 10b now?

(Aki Onnlin) #15

You need to account for the cost of the Skill Extractors:

12.8B (Skill Injector x16) - 5.4 B (Skill Extractor x16) = ~7.4B ISK

(TheBank Manager) #16

iisk send* + info

(Ellariona) #17

Transfer initiated,

(system) #18

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