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Looking for 12 bill

It’s math. It doesnt cost 12 bil.
My offere is 6bil. Time: 8 Hours.

Thx, but I will not settle for less than 10

It means you will not sell it.
Good luck.

In this way, i will extract SP and sell it

18x330(Skill Ext)=5940.
18x620(Skill Inj)=11160.
Good luck my friend.
extr. value is 5bil.

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Even if i’ll buy and sell it right now and buy extractors on market
Skill ext - 270-280 (284 in sell orders)
Skill inj - 640
Don’t try to trick me

So how did u get 10 bil?)
Go to school and try to math.

Ahahaha, you corrected your post. You’re so funny. :smiley:

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5 bil offered.

Ok, so i can receive 6bill after extracting(640* 18 - 270 *18 = 6660) and u also offer 6 bill, but i will need to pay 20$, so i will receive 6 -1.5 = 4.5 bill. No, thx, i’ll better extract sp, good fraud

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