Price check/sell 82mil SP Amarr capital/ Multi-race PVP

82mil SP

Zero Wallet Balance.
In NPC Corp
Located in High Security.
Security Status -0.19
2 Jump clones
No kill rights.
I will pay the transfer fee.

48b offer

I’m offline. If you agree. Send isk after 10 hours

Sorry looking for a bit more if I am going to sell.

49b offer new

58 bil

lol he can extract for 60b and you offer him 49b.

Updated SP total after finding a stash of skill injectors.

59b offer

60 bil

Any offers better than 60b?

If you are sill interested at 60B, I accept .

isk and account info sent

Great, THANKS!! will transfer at approximately 1700@ Eastern time US when I get home from work

Isk and account info received, transfer in process. THANKS!

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