Paladin - Amarr - PvP Pilot - 25.1mil SP

(Drugo) #1

1 remap
Located in Amarr when sold
Positive wallet
+5’s in the the head

And i will pay the transfer.

Leave offers here, i will sell the character if i get a good offer.

Added Buyout: 25b

(Captainamazing) #2

20b bo isk ready online now

(Drugo) #3

bump, looking for more then 20b.

(Daeyx) #5

Nice character, 21b

(Drugo) #6

thank you but i am looking for a bit more. i will add a BO

(Tekkaman) #7

23bn offer

(Tekkaman) #8

25bn offer

(Drugo) #9

Accepted, please send the isk and account name ingame and i will start the transfer as soon as i can!

(Tekkaman) #10


(Drugo) #11

Transfer started, enjoy!

(Tekkaman) #12

Confirm transfer

(system) #13

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