[SOLD] WTS Amarr Pilot 37mil SP

Hi, Looking to sell Amarr Pilot with 37mill SP


Character in High Sec
Starting Bid 20b


25 bil

28 bil

29 bil


30 bil

I want buy 31B

Looking for a bit more - planning to sell end of day or early tomorrow.

@Planet_trajectory I will accept this unless a higher bid comes in the next few hours.

@Planet_trajectory Please transfer isk and tell me account name to transfer too.

I will quickly raise enough isk and transfer it to you, and give you the account you need to transfer, up to one day, thank you very much.

I’ve already transferred the isk I bought into your character, 31 billion isk in total.Please transfer the character you are selling to my account.
770425435zyh is my account to receive your role.
Thank you very much

you should send account name via private message in-game. you can post your acc name here

@jackjrm If possible, use the $20 character transfer on the official website, as using plex transfers is very slow.

@Planet_trajectory Character transfer has been paid and initiated.

Thank you

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