[WTS] 15.6mil sp Amarr Pilot [SOLD]{GM Support Needed for Plex Transfer TY]

Eveskillboard Link

  • Excellent Legion pilot
  • Excellente Phantasm Pilot
  • +5 Implants
  • Positive Isk
  • Positive Standings
  • 2 Remaps available
  • Many Core Skills trained
  • Located in Amarr

Starting Bid 13b, 15.5b BO. THIS IS A PLEX TRANSFER SALE.


13 bil

Thanks for bids. Bump for Visibility. Will let go, today only, for 14.25b!

Bump. back to normal b/o price

14.25B offer

Breatas, 14.5b and you got a deal.

14.5B then

Sorry for delay. Accepted if offer still open.

my offer still stands

ingame mail sent for details, isk transfered aswell

Breatas, I’m away from the desktop until tomorrow. Will login, verify funds and start the transfer as soon as I’m able. Thanks

Can confirm isk received. Support ticket created. Please hang tight and enjoy the toon!

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