[WTS] 15.6mil sp Amarr Pilot [SOLD]{GM Support Needed for Plex Transfer TY]

(Liliana Specter) #1

Eveskillboard Link

  • Excellent Legion pilot
  • Excellente Phantasm Pilot
  • +5 Implants
  • Positive Isk
  • Positive Standings
  • 2 Remaps available
  • Many Core Skills trained
  • Located in Amarr

Starting Bid 13b, 15.5b BO. THIS IS A PLEX TRANSFER SALE.


(Intriguing Stranger) #2

13 bil

(Liliana Specter) #4

Thanks for bids. Bump for Visibility. Will let go, today only, for 14.25b!

(Liliana Specter) #5

Bump. back to normal b/o price

(Breatas Avarike) #6

14.25B offer

(Liliana Specter) #7

Breatas, 14.5b and you got a deal.

(Breatas Avarike) #9

14.5B then

(Liliana Specter) #10

Sorry for delay. Accepted if offer still open.

(Breatas Avarike) #11

my offer still stands

(Breatas Avarike) #12

ingame mail sent for details, isk transfered aswell

(Liliana Specter) #13

Breatas, I’m away from the desktop until tomorrow. Will login, verify funds and start the transfer as soon as I’m able. Thanks

(Liliana Specter) #14

Can confirm isk received. Support ticket created. Please hang tight and enjoy the toon!

(system) #16

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