WTS 46,3m SP Amarr Dread V/blops/cyno pilot

This char is for sale

Skills highlights:
Amarr Dread lvl 5
JDC Lvl 5
Siege and cap guns t2
Heavy guns for blops t2
Capital ship lvl 5

No kill rights or negativ wallet
1 set of highgrades amulets with med omega in hs station
pilot is docked in hs
2 bonus attributes remaps available

B/O 50b
Start bid 40b

Confirm transfer funds to this char
I will pay for char Transfer

38b offer

41b b/o?

ends in 4 days with 41b

42 Bil BO Offer


3 days left, highest bid 43b


45b bid atm - ends tomorrow evening at 17.00 eve time

i quit haha, tbh 25bil is more than enough to inject a good dread alt

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true , im out too

38b offer?

your loss, bid open again, min. bid 40b


40b b/o

40b b/o accepted - send the is to need more beernow and ill start the transfer when i get an accountname to transfer to :slight_smile:

Sounds good I will send isk to toon shortly with Account Name inclosed

The Isk will be coming from UwU Poggies

Isk has been sent from UwU Poggies

thanks for the Trade - the 10 hours transfer have begun :slight_smile:

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