WTS Amarr/Minmater Dread Pilot -

I am for sale.

All CCP rules apply.

Wallet balance : Positive.

Kill rights : No.

Character location : Villasen in NPC Corp -

Sec Status: 0.0

2 Remaps

Starting bid: 25B+
Boyout are individual and will be reviewed individually.

I pay for transfer fee.

Highlights are

LVL 4 in Minmatar Dreadnought & Amarr Dreadnought

Capital ships LVL 5

Doomsday Rapid Firing LVL 4

Capital Beam Laser Specialization LVL 4

Capital Pulse Laser Specialization LVL 4

Doomsday Operation LVL 4

Capital Projectile Turret LVL 4

Jump Drive Operation LVL 5

Jump Fuel Conservation LVL 5

Jump Drive Calibration LVL 5

30 BO Eve mail me

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Gary Bell - 30 BO

no response to messages as yet so open to offers until B/o confirmed.

CCPs quality app never gave me any kind of alert…

I need to biomass a char? It takes 10 hours. So if you confirm I will send isk and you will just need to give me 10 hours to biomass

31b offer

Isk and account info sent

Sorry for delay i was sleeping

32 BIlions isk recieved i can transfers now but you have no room.

I will try to transfer again in 2 hours but then i am out un till this evening which will be like 10 hors +

Just to be clear i am happy to accept the the 32 Bill transferred from Gary Bell

I am willing to wait for you to clear your biomess as 8 hrs ago you said it takes 10 hrs

once i can transfer the character i will do so and confirm

please confirm your ok with the above and timescale

Char is Biomassed. Please send as soon as your able. I apologize for not getting back faster yesterday and having the spot cleared :frowning:

Been 12 hours since offer please confirm bio mass has been cleared asap…

Next time i try if this cannot be transferred due to no room on your account then i will cancel sale ( obviously i will return the isk if this ends up happening.) and reopen to new bids as i am turning down bids to honour this but not able to complete.


IS Received - CCP paid - Character transfer accepted takes 10 hrs to complete - Please confirm when this has happened.


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