SOLD! WTS 49M Combat PvE/PvP Pilot

47,562,266M SP trained
2,214,825 SP unallocated

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Jumpclone in Jita (no implants)
Character in Amarr

Character has +4 implants and Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Repair Systems RS-603
Yearly remap +2 bonus remap available

3.8 Security Status
Below -5 standing with Gallente

Amarr Navy: 41,952
Caldari Navy: 2,365
Ministry of War: 2,556
Spacelane Patrol: 704
Theology Council: 264,796

Came back to the game after 11 years and felt like starting fresh.

Bidding starts at 34B. I’ll leave it up for a few days or until something I can’t refuse comes through.
I’ve well forgotten what I’m doing so let me know if I missed anything.

Tried password “rightful turkish clay,” and did not work.

Sorry about that, I thought the password was for editing or something. Fixed.


35 bil is my offer

35.5bil offer



Please send the isk over along with your account name in an in-game mail and let me know when you have. I’ll send the char ASAP once I’ve received it.

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

Transfer initiated! Enjoy!

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