WTS 78.8M + 512k unallocated PVP Pilot

Hi everyone, Selling myself.

Eve Board link - http://eveboard.com/pilot/G3neral_D3stRuCtion

· No Killrights
· Positive Wallet
· 1 remap
· +5 implant set on located in Jita
· Great PVP History
· 512k unallocated skillpoints
· Can run level 4 missions for Caldari factions
· Can fly a Vindi, Proteus, Loki extremely well
· Can fly Moros dreadnought

Bidding starts at 59Bil.


63b b/o

Hi Elsaa, i agree to sell to you for 65 bil, am awaiting isk transfer.

Isk received, Character is being sent to the account you mailed me.

Thanks, and take good care of him.