WTS 78.8M + 512k unallocated PVP Pilot

(G3neral D3stRuCtion) #1

Hi everyone, Selling myself.

Eve Board link - http://eveboard.com/pilot/G3neral_D3stRuCtion

· No Killrights
· Positive Wallet
· 1 remap
· +5 implant set on located in Jita
· Great PVP History
· 512k unallocated skillpoints
· Can run level 4 missions for Caldari factions
· Can fly a Vindi, Proteus, Loki extremely well
· Can fly Moros dreadnought

Bidding starts at 59Bil.

(Maizie Fields) #2


(Captain Storm Onzo) #3

63b b/o

(G3neral D3stRuCtion) #5

Hi Elsaa, i agree to sell to you for 65 bil, am awaiting isk transfer.

(G3neral D3stRuCtion) #6

Isk received, Character is being sent to the account you mailed me.

Thanks, and take good care of him.