WTS 19.1m SP nidhoggur pilot

I am for sale


got 19.174.794 skillpoints of which 300k are unallocated
Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Located in Jita
1 remap

Drone interfacing V
Got fighters V
JDC got 1.649.812 point out of 2.304.000 to get to V (using the unallocated here will get you even closer to V)

starting bid 18B
buyout lowered to 23B

15Bil Isk ready to send after DT

20b Bidding

hmmmm. give me some time to consider whether to give a higer price.

I’ll take the highest offer (the current 20B or higher) today at 19:00 EVE time. Thats the time i give to consider. And i lowered the B/O to 23Bil

if you accept my bid, i’ll transfer your money at tomorrow before eve time 3:00.

I accept your bid. I will probaly get online around 10:00 eve time. If i got the isk and the account name i need to send it to i will start the transfer.

ISK and account info sent, please check and transfer.


Isk received and character tranfer started.

transfer succeed, thanks.

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