WTS 13m Nidhoggur Pilot

(Sandra Rova) #1


No kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec
Implants listed on pilot board

1 Remap available now

15b b/o

(TxivYawg1) #2

7 bil

(C50 Fullerene) #3


(RR Enat) #4


(C50 Fullerene) #5


(Inactive Seller) #6

i offer 9.5b

(RR Enat) #7


(C50 Fullerene) #8


(little casket) #9


(Sandra Rova) #10

I’d be willing to make a compromise and come down a little if you are willing to go up on your offer

(Lulu Aeschee) #11


(little casket) #12


(Sandra Rova) #13

I’ll give this another 2 hours (when I’m back from Lunch) and the highest bidder wins at that time, unless the B/O is met

(little casket) #14

this pilot miss so much skills as a carrier pilot, i need to buy some skill injectors. So i may not give the B/O price.

(Sandra Rova) #15

can we meet at 13b, and I’ll close now?

(little casket) #16

ok, then 13b

(Sandra Rova) #17

Accepted, send isk/account name in game

Let me know when its sent, and I’ll login

(little casket) #18

please log in , i have some questions

(little casket) #19

And i will send isk whenever i have the answer

(little casket) #20

I have send isk and account name in the game , please check